Hello! We are prospekt – We love film. From the great perspective from high up in the air, to the intimate visual concept with love for the smallest details. Creating audiovisual beauty is our passion.


We are rooted in television, our focus lies in cross-media visualization of moving pictures. We produce emotional personal portraits and educational content in a commercial or a documentary look. Corporate communication and automotive is our daily work.


We are highly experienced in elegant aerial shots. With our in-house department we fly Europe-wide, safe and with the routine and experience of decades – for customers from film and industry.


Idea, writing, script, visualization – our copywriters and graphic artists make content come alive: presentations support executives to convey their ideas, and storyboards provide a creative foundation for direction and production.

Compositing & Grading

Don’t worry, we have nerds, too! 2D and 3D loving specialists, who create virtual studios and CGI films. Who realize motion design with Trapcode and colour grading with Davinci Resolve. So keep calm and let the nerd do the work!

Edit & Audio

Long story short: In our edit suites we edit commercials, image films and docutainment. Equipped with an in-house sound studio we also provide voice recording, mix and play-out in any format required.

Animation & 3D

“Can you also make it move?” Yes, we can. Our Cinema 4D artists breathe life into all graphics from our agency’s clients. We create moving communication with animated typography, stop motion and the development of both on-air and corporate visual designs.


The forest is calling for you!
To strengthen our 3D department we’re looking for an experienced 3D designer in part-time. Long-time experience in film industry and excellent skills in Cinema 4D/Octane with a focus on modelling and texturization in the field of automotive are required. We’re looking forward to hear from you!

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Filmmakers. Our team of media professionals is the creative hub that fuels your corporate communication since 1988.

Finest quality from the forester’s house

There are many paths through the woods. But not all of them reach your specific destination. Our team of media professionals takes you by the hand. What is possible? What makes sense? Where are the most beautiful clearings that you should definitely visit on your route? Make ideas come to live, tell stories, visualize passion – this is what we do.
In the forester’s house we unite enthusiasm, openness and experience. We provide everything from one source: from concept to strategy, from shooting to complete post-production.




yesterday. right now. tomorrow. This is how we roll.


The best possible results are achieved only with trust and partnership. Together with our clients we constantly create something unique and well worth seeing.